Discovery and clarification of your requirements is essential to successful projects and service. Requirements can be as simple as a one page outline of project goals and deliverables. For more complex projects it might be a longer document that provides details on multiple phases of a project’s requirements and phased implementation.

Thinking through requirements while capturing the process in a discussion document is a simple yet essential process.

Some examples of client needs that will be turned into specific requirements:

Service Description
Strategic Help’s Initial
Meeting Discussion Topics
E-mailCalendar – conf room reservationsAuto-responding resource calendar accounts
E-mailCalendar – sharable individual calendarsUser account with sharable calendars, management access to all calendars and email accounts
E-mailCell phone email Move to modern email system that provides secure apps.
Integrated DatabaseBring together clients, prospects, and company/organizations into one accessible “place.”Further client discovery necessary for more detailed requirements. Look at available cloud-based CRM options.
On-premise appsDo we need the big application that lives on our in-house server?Most organizations have already migrated to cloud, but not all are there yet. Look at available hosted or cloud CRM options.
Intranet knowlegebaseWe want to collect our organization staff knowledge where it can be updated easily, all benefit from it, the wheel is not constantly reinvented.Available via the major cloud platforms: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (Teams)
Event RegistrationWe put on 1-3 events per year and would like a streamlined way to do online registration.Determine needs and compare online registration services and applications.
Remote AccessSecure connection to company resourcesAvailable via the major cloud platforms: Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 (Teams)
System and Staff Security policies Where are the weak links in our human and system level security? Audit and make recommendations. Doesn’t need to be high cost.
Onboarding and Hardware deployment Need to simplify technology onboarding, hardware deployment, and resource tracking.Determine how to customize Strategic Help’s onboarding systems to fit client’s requirements.