It’s a puzzle, not rocket science

Nonprofit social media strategy (including your own web site) is essential. Your web and social media sites and services require continous strategy and content updates, visuals, and integration with other marketing and outreach planning.

The Web continues to be the most stable place to present and provide information about who you are, and what you do. A presence on social media is important, yet the various platforms and presentations are not as stable, so keeping your brand, service, story strong on the Web is still a necessity in the age of FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, Tik Tok, and the next wave – as popularity of these and new platforms rise and fall. 

We Don’t Reinvent Wheels

We help you use the Web more strategically to reach your communication goals.  If you are developing a new Web strategy we work with you to translate your message and goals to the Internet.  If you already have an Internet plan we we help you think through what would make it more effective, and more cost-effective.

We don’t reinvent wheels, we show you wheels that work. Then we show you how to put your business or organization “on” those wheels!  It’s faster and less expensive.

We help you use the Web to reach and interact with customers, clients, staff, and special interest groups.

Most Cost-Effective Communication Tools

The Web is the most cost-effective way to communicate your message, answer questions, and be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We help you create and maintain an intelligent, interactive Web site through a step-by-step process that lets you stay focused on your message and audience, not the technology.

As Much, or As Little As You Need

For some clients we do everything from domain registration to initial content loading.  With other clients we move their site, refresh it, or put the contents into a content management system that is easy to maintain.  We specialize in finding Web services that will work well when ‘plugged’ into your business processes.

For a no obligation consultation please click here and tell us more about your needs and learn more  what we can do for you.