MS Teams can help nonprofits. 
How well organized is your company information?  Could anyone sit down at a computer and understand how to get required information?

The Microsoft 365 and Teams platform continues to evolve into more and more useful levels for commercial or nonprofit use.  Strategic Help handles deployment, migration, and management. For one professional or 500 users.  Full calendar sharing, online email archiving, enterprise level Teams and migration to or from Google workspace, Drive, and Gmail. We also provide Google Apps, but Microsoft 365 and Teams are our client’s favorites.

MS Teams can help nonprofits. Shared email accounts, task management, and resource calendars are basic building blocks for strategic organizations.

Email is still an effective tool, but only one part of a modern communication strategy. Internal company chat, feeds, and text channels are also a part of today’s mix of responsive conversational marketing – and just plain staying in touch as a team. Microsoft 365 and Teams is more than email, utilizing universal remote access to task, project management, calendar, and Teams for meetings and file management.

Strategic Help specializes in helping organizations do “resets” of how they organize and access information. Most organizations are still working with legacy information structures and files scattered across parallel file systems and devices. The ideal is secure, well organized, information that is accessible from any authenticated user from anywhere.

Developing a comprehensive information technology (IT) strategy is crucial for nonprofits to effectively achieve their mission and serve their communities. While specific strategies may vary based on the organization’s goals, size, and resources, the selection, configuration, and support of a cloud platform is a foundation decision that may need to be updated or changed as cloud platforms evolve.

Customizing cloud platforms to fit the specific needs and circumstances of your nonprofit organization is essential for creating an effective IT strategy. Regularly review and update the strategy to ensure its continued relevance and alignment with the organization’s evolving goals.

We would love to talk to you about your mission, goals, and how we can help eliminate unnecessary headaches and anxiety about technology.