Our clients range from professional photographers, psychotherapists, and restaurants, to well-known law firms and non-profit organizations.  We simplify IT for our clients and help them reach their business goals. Please click here for our contact form

Our consulting and support services provide our clients with strategic help planning, implementing, and using technology tools that support their mission. Hiring a team to support and help manage your technology infrastructure and users has many advantages over one or more full time staff positions. Some advantages are obvious, others are equally important but come from experience working with a motivated, managed, professional team.

  • Simplify IT – hire the team, define an initial scope of service and coverage, then focus on your core business goals and mission.
  • Expertise – we know how to plan, configure, simplify IT, and maintain networks, servers, cloud services, and support end users. We have been doing it for more than 20 years, and that’s just one of us!
  • Depth of experience, and intra-team hand-offs when needed.  We provide a team approach and have a depth of experience that is impossible to find in one staff person who will turn-over and requires a different level of management and supervision than our team.
  • Team Approach – benefit of diverse expertise that knows how to get the answers if they don’t already have them.
  • Dedicated Technologists– not a person who’s primary focus is on other things
  • Cost effective, When all costs and hassles are totaled for staff IT we can simplify IT and provide a higher quality of service.  
  • Hassle avoidance, Turn-over, training, and equipment are non-issues with Strategic Help.  
  • Centralized IS/IT Simplification and Documentation of technology policies, fixes and processes
  • Consistent deployments and system configurations, faster issue resolution and easier communication regarding any issues.
  • Centralized Tech asset and services database – associated in most cases with staff assignments

Good IT Support Is a Life-Saver

We simplify IT support and management for on-site, remote workers, cloud services, business specific applications.

Strategic Help has the the necessary technology expertise to help you focus on your services and products while we focus on technology.

Strategic Help experience and current technology insights for your short and long term technology requirements.

We help professionals, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and for-profit companies spend less time on technology, and more time successfully reaching their goals.