Strategic Help’s technology team plan can make life easier for you and your organization. We’re a helpful, smart, affordable tech team with decades of experience. Here are some areas we cover for other organizations:

  • Reduce tech headaches
  • Sort out security issues
  • Simplify digital asset management – docs, images, and other media.
  • Improve productivity
  • Help you reach measurable goals
  • Implement expert technology evaluation, testing, & configuration
  • Simplify technology management.
  • Simplify vendor/service management
  • Cloud and Hybrid solutions that work with your work flow
  • Consistent user management:on/off-boarding and deployment
  • Hardware asset tracking and reporting.
  • Versatile & flexible strategies.
  • Plan, evaluate, test, configure services and/or  hardware.
  • Support services, to business or end-users.
  • Support your organization’s users.
  • Reduce the risk of losing information
  • Make remote use as easy as on-site use, location independence.
  • Move hardware and storage to “cloudware.”
  • Upgrade old email to integrated communication.
  • Fix, upgrade, stabilize internet connections.
  • Fix, upgrade, stabilize wireless network

“…standardized account and system setup means our new hires feel good and are ready to work on day one. Strategic Help makes the technology on-boarding process easy.”

Nonprofit Client

We bring proactive planning and support for all your technology requirements.  We’re the aspirin for your technology headaches, and the antihistamine for end user allergies. After all we are based in one of the political headache and allergy capitals of the world, Austin, Texas.