Mobileandroid-nexus tablets and smartphones need policies within your organization.  Some of the questions include:

  • Mobile content publishing
    • Via mobile friendly web sites or pages
    • Via Apps
  • What are your expectations of mobile phone use at the office? 
    • Voice use ok?
    • If staff “run” out in the hallway to take a cellphone call is that ok with you?
    • Alright if staff sends and receives personal texts during work in the office?
    • Do you have any guidelines for voice, text, smartphone use in your office?  Smartphone’s mean that a person an be surfing the web at any time and while you may not care about it now, if it became a problem a policy would help.
  • Do you want staff to use company email on their phones?
    If they use their phones for business email is it configured to reply from the correct email account, and to create new emails from the right account?  You probably want them to be sending from your branded email not