tech support options
Intelligent tech support options

Strategic Help offers a variety of tech support options for internal company support, or to support your customers/end-users as an invisible outsourced technical support team for your online applications and services.

  1. We monitor and support you internal organization technology infrastructure
    • ISP SLA’s
    • networks,
    • servers,
    • wi-fi,
    • VoIP systems
    • workstations
    • laptops,
    • mobile,
    • and other user systems in your company.
  2. We support your customers.
    • When they need help with your app
    • When they need help with your online services
    • We do it from Austin, without a Texan accent, y’all.
    • We do it with experienced support technicians with your support requirements.

From ala carte tech support to managed services subscription plans we take on the headaches of your users, technology, and technology vendors.  We work with you to set goals, implement strategic ways of reducing problems, and suggesting changes that can improve work-flow.

Intelligent, Strategic, Reliable, High Quality Tech Support Options

Our tech support team is ready to help your nonprofit, professional practice, or commercial enterprise.  We take the time to know our clients, and help tech support to become the invisible service that it should be.  Our technicians are always focused on how to make technology support your mission, business plan, staff, and customers/constituents.  We work with you to determine realistic tech support options that will fit your needs and your budget.

We love working with companies and organizations in Austin, Texas but we also work with professionals and end users in other parts of the United States as well as when our clients travel to other countries.

Tech support is a general phrase that relates to helping people with technology.  Some companies specialize in hardware, or a specific application.  There’s tech support for products and services and tech support for people within the company that produces and delivers products and services.