After decades of creating digital files we all face the challenge of finding backup, storage, and archive solutions.  How are you storing, backing up, and archiving items of long-term value?  The more you have the more you have to backup SOMEWHERE.    The right storage, backup, and archive solutions also provides security, protection.  Your disaster prevention strategy and plan may not be as high visibility as your social media and web sites but it is equally important to the smooth operation of your business.

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We have held staff positions at nonprofits and know the challenges and opportunities facing nonprofit funding, staff, and management.  If your nonprofit organization needs help with technology please use our form here or call us. Cause-based non-profit organizations help make our world a better place, and we work with our nonprofit partner clients to accommodate budgets and schedules.

Backup and redundant storage is a life saver
Backup and redundant storage is a life saver

How is your data backed up?


We were an early adopter of SalesForce.  We have consulted on projects and use it every day ourselves.  It is the “swiss army knife” of onmline customer, client, constituent database systems.



Office 365 for nonprofits charity pricing available
Why Office 365 instead of G Suite.

A relatively new entry into the cloud and hosted services space, Microsoft’s Office 365 is a great value proposition buddling Advanced email, SharePoint, Office 2013, and other online apps into one monthly subscription.  We configure, migrated, support, and develop new ways of using these tools.  Great value for nonprofit groups.

. SharePoint for nonprofit collaboration and storage.
Stand alone or as part of a hosted cloud service SharePoint helps organize and centralize information and processes in organizations, and teams.

Google G Suite for nonprofits
Now G Suit

G Suite (formerly Google Apps)is similar to Office365, but it is less expensive, and a bit less familiar and polished if you are used to Microsoft products.  Also good value for non profits.


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