Technology support, planning, and implementation is key to technology success
We support Mac, Windows, Linux servers and users.

Our technology support team helps organizations, professionals, and start-ups increase productivity and job satisfaction while reducing hassles, headaches and downtime.

What are your technology support headaches, challenges, and hassles?  Technology requires the patience and expertise of people who deal with it every day.  A team that can collaborate with other team members as well as the client’s they are helping.  Instead of arrogant geeks, we are steadfast and reliable problem-solvers.  Technical support detectives who track issues to their source and let you know what we find along the way.  Some problems have to wait for a large company like Microsoft, alphabet – Google, Dell, Citrix, Blackbaud, Intuit, or others to come up with a fix, but knowing the source of an issue helps to come up with a work-around if it can’t be immediately solved.  Having the experience history allows us to have more possible solutions in our toolbox to solve your technology challenges.  Providing excellent technology support is what we do every day.

Unifying disparate technology support for systems such as:

  • Security,
  • Voice, VoIP, Mobile, Soft-phones, etc.
  • Presentation systems
  • Cloud services,
    • Email, text, asset management, help desk
    • Platform infrastructure like Office 365, G Suite, Salesforce, Blackbaud, Convio, etc.
    • Industry specific services and resources
  • On/off-premise servers,
  • Computer systems: Workstations, Laptops
  • Mobile OS systems Android, iOS, for phones, tablets, and other devices

…simplifies technology support across departments and operational areas.

Every day Strategic Help provides practical, common sense technology support services to support our clients’ mission, business plan, and staff.  Technology in the form of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, presentation displays, and access to critical data is what keeps organizations functioning and moving forward. Technology hardware and services can be planned, implemented, maintained, and monitored more easily by a professional team than an in-house technician.

Technology support plans are  custom fit your organization and budget, we are well-known for our ability to figure out exactly what will help and give you the most worry-free plan.  We keep our entry point for plans at a level where everyone can try them and see how they can benefit from experienced, professional planning and support.

A unified approach to technology infrastructure. How technology should be done: well-planned, scalable, small “footprint,” easy to maintain, and documented.

Free technology planning and success keys.