Discovery and clarification of your project requirements is essential to it being a successful project. Requirements can be as simple as a one page outline of project deliverables or service level agreement points. For more complex projects it might be a longer document that provides details on multiple phases of a project’s requirements and implementation.

Thinking through requirements while capturing the process in a discussion document is a simple yet essential process.

Some examples of client needs that will be turned into specific requirements:

Service Description
Strategic Help’s Initial
Meeting Discussion Topics
E-mail Calendar – conf room reservations Auto-responding full Resource calendar accounts
E-mail Calendar – sharable individual calendars Full user account with sharable calendars, management access to all calendars and email accounts
E-mail Push email compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile phones Active Sync or Blackberry Enterprise connector activated on all designated accouints
Bring together clients, prospects, and company/organizations into one accessible “place.” Look at available CRM options.
Customer relationship Management Do we need the big application that lives on our in-house server? Look at available hosted or cloud CRM options.
Intranet knowlegebase We want to collect our organization’s collective experience where we can all benefit from it. Compare pros and cons of CRM, Blog applications, Wiki-style solutions, and full blown Intranet CMS knowledge base sites.
Event Registration We put on 1-3 events per year and would like a streamlined way to do online registration. Determine needs and compare online registration services and applications.
Remote Access Secure VPN connection to company server and LAN resources Various options will discuss at next meeting
Remote Access Remote desktop for approved staff
Remote Access Secure password policy Implement secure password policy via server – with higher security comes a degree of inconvenience and expectation of users should be realistically set.

Simple but gets the process started and leads to specific detailed requirements in the course of discussion and development.